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Simon Gomery - Goodbye Amigo

Deep sadness.... Our very, very close and dear friend Simon Gomery has passed away. Since Elizabeth and I came back to England Simon and I got pretty close through my admiration of his excellent photography. He was one of the best. Simon was a lovely man and he was one of the few people around that thought the One Small Candle project was worth pursuing and volunteered to join the committee. Simon was treasurer. He helped in so many ways. Always upbeat - always positive - always fun. Simon shared his life with Liz and I in so many ways and we often got together for some laughs. We had some fun lunches and hilarious times when "us lot" were dressed as Pilgrims. Most of the One Small Candle photographs you see on Facebook, Twitter or Google were the work of Simon. Simon and I had so many mutual interests.. Music, Soul, Mod, Reggae, Photography and more. Simon loved Paul Weller & Johnny Marr.. It seemed that Weller was always playing in his car when I got in. Simon shared my passion of dressing in a snappy, cool manner often and almost always with a nod to the Mod scene of the 60s. I wonder what will happen to his 30+ collection of Adidas trainers!? We had so many plans... Many of you know Simon was fighting to lose weight and was winning the battle admirably. The last time we spent a few hours with him was in the Guildhall for the "All Things Mod" event. Liz and I commented on how good he was looking and talked him into buying a hat he had tried on that we thought really suited him....The photo you see is of that day..and the hat. Just as Simon's life took a massive upturn for the better ... a good job, lots of things to look forward to, cycling, a new car, his plans to actually be a Pilgrim with us and his new found passion for getting fit.... he gets taken from us. Liz and I are so upset. We loved Simon. It is so sad that his beloved football team Plymouth Argyle are going to Wembley without him unsure emoticon Simon.... We'll really miss you Amigo. GREEN ARMY! Your pal


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