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One Small Candle Choir - Plymouth

Introducing The One Small Candle Choir………..

…..up to 50 singers and musicians! Celebrating Mayflower 400

Musician Marcus Alleyne is no stranger to the music scene in and around Plymouth. He currently holds several Director of Music Posts throughout the southwest and has recently been appointed Director of Music for GO! Great opportunities together who are currently restoring the Palace Theatre Union Street. Marcus has firm roots in the area and has a good grasp of local history and the importance of culture, particularly within the arts. He has founded several charity orchestras and choirs over the last 5 years and continues to work closely with local musicians and singers. Marcus is keen to support the development of Mayflower 400 in 2020 and particularly the One Small Candle project founded by David and Elizabeth Saunders. Marcus is keen to create a One Small Candle Choir to publicize the upcoming events and to promote the vital work already being carried out. www.MLAmusic.biz




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