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Walking Tour Guides in Plymouth

We offer a hotel, cruise ship and ambassador service to Plymouth with a warm and friendly non - egotistical style. We love to meet and greet cruise ship passengers, tourists and visitors with quirky and interesting walking tours of the Barbican area. We like to call it "Pilgrim Footsteps"

Our walking tours are professionally written, researched and developed by Ruth Mitchell and Jon Nash of the Barbican Theatre and along with Mark Laville we have a high quality team supporting us with tales of yore.

The walking tours are presented in an ad lib fashion and with a comedic element thrown in... We can't help it!

Our walking tours take around 45 - 90 minutes and will take you on a fascinating journey to Plymouth's past and some nods to the times around 1620! We take you to places you may have missed were you going solo.

All we ask for is a donation to keep the tours alive and One Small Candle as a major part of the Mayflower 400 celebrations....and beyond.

Thank you for stopping by! Questions? Call 07538 199694 or message David on Facebook

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Call/Text 07307 607395

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