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Children of the Mayflower

It's easy to forget the children of the Mayflower.... Here's a list of them. Including Peregrine who was born on the ship and after the ship had arrived in the New World

Bartholomew Allerton (7) Remember Allerton (5) Francis Billington (14) John Billington Jr.(16) Love Brewster (13) Mary Chilton (13)

John Cooke (13) Mary Allerton (3) Cushman Samuel Eaton (1) Samuel Fuller (12) son of Edward Fuller Constance Hopkins (14) Giles Hopkins (12) Oceanus Hopkins (born aboard) Elinor More (8) Jasper More (7) Richard More (6) Mary More (4) Priscilla Mullins (17) Joseph Rogers (17) Henry Samson (17)

Resolved White (5)

Elizabeth Tilley (13) Peregrine White (born aboard)

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