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The One Small Candle choir will be ready for performances in January 2017 .

David was with MD Marcus Alleyne at our 400 choir committee meeting last night and the One Small Candle choir is go!

Marcus said the choir will be around 50 strong!!! Also it was announced that Plymouth Guildhall has been booked for an Anglo - American themed concert on July 4th 2020 this will hopefully include help from our many friends and partners.

Also at the committee meeting we discussed the name for the 400 strong choir that will be ready for its first live performance in 2018...

The name has yet to be decided with us all agreeing that the Mayflower name should be avoided as it could lead to confusion. One totally different, yet thought provoking and relevant, name did come out of the meeting and this suggested name is being thought about .... so can't let the cat out of the bag just yet ;)

So coming very soon and all with an eye toward Mayflower 2020 in Plymouth ... One Small Candle choir and the massive, as yet unnamed, 400 strong choir and philharmonic!

David has taken the position of Marketing, PR, and Advertising on the committee this will include website management, promoting events and setting up online ticketing and sales gateways.

We, as a committee, led by Musical Director and Chairman Marcus Alleyne are excited to be busy with our plans for the 400 strong choir and the One Small Candle choir. Exciting times ahead... DS

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