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Shadow Leader of Plymouth City Council Tudor Evans said.....

"What you are doing to enhance the visitor experience is remarkable."

Councillor Ian Bowyer leader of Plymouth City Council said.....

"One Small Candle has gone from strength to strength this year and have recently picked up a community award. Their costumes lend flair and realism to the telling of the Mayflower story."

Mayflower Descendant Betsy Samson-Andrews said...

"One Small Candle winning the Plymouth Herald Community Award is so very well deserved! As a proud descendant of 11 Mayflower passengers I am so happy and excited they are keeping history alive for us and future generations.

They are also reminding us of the very strong bond between our wonderful Countries. Congratulation One Small Candle and I can’t wait until 2020."

Mayflower Descendants in the USA said....

"We here in the Mayflower Descendants Facebook group of 8000 descendants of those 1620 Pilgrims who left your city almost 400 years ago on the Ship Mayflower were so excited and pleased to find One Small Candle receive the Plymouth Herald Community Award.

I can't think of a more deserving group than one who immerses children and their families and connects two historical cities on two continents, celebrating our combined history in their love of the story that unites us all.

One only has to see the joy on those children's faces, dressed in their costumes, to see how proud they are...its something they will remember always as they walk in those same footsteps from so long ago...

Congratulations to all of you and for all you do to keep "our" story alive !...so proud of you all...I hope to visit soon !...Patty Haskins"

Lidl USA said.... "Many thanks to Liz and yourself for all your advice, recommendations and support. The walking tour was superb. It was a truly successful Thanksgiving Day"

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