Plymouth Tourist Information at the Mayflower Steps

Plymouth's authentic Pilgrim family are here to make you feel welcome and to make your stay that extra bit special. We are kind people and treat you with respect! The Pilgrims can talk history and give you some local information on sights and where to go... We can be found at the Mayflower Steps or ....

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The Barbican


The Barbican is where the Mayflower Memorial is. The Pilgrims set sail from this area in 1620. We'll show you exactly where from. We'll also show you where the Pilgrims slept and lived...


There are many restaurants, pubs, gift and jewellery shops along Southside Street. 


We can often be seen at the Mayflower Memorial. 


Please say Hi! and feel free to take a photo and #plymouth







Royal William Yard


The Royal William Victualling Yard, in Stonehouse, a suburb of Plymouth, England, was the major victualling depot of the Royal Navy and an important adjunct of Devonport Dockyard. 


The Royal Willie is now a destination for visitors and locals alike. It's quirky galleries, cafes, bars and restaurants are a must see.


The best way to get here is by taxi from anywhere in Plymouth.. No parking worries and it doesn't cost much! 


Find out more here Visit Plymouth





Sutton Harbour


Sutton Harbour is a wonderful location that blends with the area known as the Barbican.


Sutton Harbor Marina is home to many world class events 


Berth in the sheltered Marina and enjoy the nearby restaurants and National Marine Aquarium.


Sutton Pool (as the area was known back in 1620) is the birthplace of modern America as this is  the exact place the Mayflower sailed to America from Plymouth. This fact is taken from Master Christopher Jones ships logs.


There will soon be a Sutton Harbour Heritage Trail and the Pilgrims will happily take you for a stroll back in time!


Sutton Harbour Website





Smeaton's Tower

A centrepiece on Plymouth's Hoe, Smeaton's Tower has become one of the South West's most well known landmarks.

The lighthouse was originally built on the Eddystone reef in 1759 at a cost of £40,000, but was taken down in the early 1880s when it was discovered that the sea was undermining the rock it was standing on.

Approximately two thirds of the structure was moved stone by stone to its current resting place on the Hoe.


We are hoping to see a character Lighthouse Keeper in situ soon! All to be of help to visitors.....


Plymouth Hoe


Often called the Jewel in the Crown. The Hoe (means higher ground) and is quite spectacular with its vista stretching from the South Hams to Cornwall.


Smeaton's Tower is a must visit we recommend you climb back in time - to the very top!


The Hoe is where many events happen - from the spectacle of the America's Cup to Armed Forces Day and MTV Crashes.


Sir Francis Drake fought the Spanish Armada from here and Napoleon was held prisoner aboard HMS Bellerphon in Plymouth Sound.


Culture in Plymouth

A lot happens in Plymouth... We have world class Theatre, Live Music, Top Acts,  MTV Crashes, Military events and even the America's Cup was staged here a few years ago! Touring West End Shows with a wonderful Museum and a top University are just a few parts of Culture in Plymouth. 


Summer is choc full of world class events. Pirate Days which is held each May attracts thousands to the Waterfront!


We always recommend you look at the Visit Plymouth website for up to the minute events

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