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About the Pilgrims


One Small Candle started out as an idea by imaginative local David Saunders. David and his wife Elizabeth returned to Plymouth after 15 years in the USA and thought more could be made of everything around the Mayflower Steps


We started out with just David (at the Mayflower Steps) wearing an authentic Pilgrim clothing made by Plymouth College of Art students.


David's first appearances went down so well with tourists and local schools that Liz quickly had a costume designed and then we were joined by Olivia 5 and Isabella 10 - our first Pilgrim family was complete. We were joined by Sophia 9 and her brother Charlie 10 last year and both are fun with a passion for history.

We recently welcomed Dan Gomery  and Jane Farnaby with more Pilgrim guides and hosts on the way.


David was asked to work with several schools telling the Mayflower story and now we find ourselves in partnership with Marjon Performing Arts and producing a unique piece of theatre.


Our fast growing Pilgrim Family can now be seen on the spectacular Plymouth Waterfront...


Call or Text 07307 607395 




Plymouth Ambassador's 


We are a friendly, polite and welcoming group of Pilgrim re-enactors who will happily show you around Plymouth's spectacular Waterfront for just a donation.


We really love to show tourists and day trippers the best of the waterfront areas and can take you to places that far too many visitors miss.  The WOW places - along with a few short tales thrown in.


Welcoming you to Plymouth  is what we do well thus we encourage all contact from coach tour companies, hotels and individuals that want a quick chat or walk about on the Barbican and Sutton Harbour. 

Our presentation style is quirky and professionally scripted. We look forward to seeing you here in Plymouth.


If you'd like a fabulous poster of the Mayflower or a local, easy to read, map just ask! Meet Mr Snuggles the Mayflower Cat too. He likes ice cream...

We're looking for some volunteer Pilgrims now! 


Call or Text 07307 607395


Contact Us Click Here


Facebook message: www.facebook.com/davidcantswim


Our Partners

Marjon Performing Art


Plymouth College of Art

Plymouth Culture

Plymouth History Centre

Plymouth City Council


Heritage Lottery Fund


The Treasury Bar & Restaurant

Mayflower Museum Plymouth

Barbie Thompson - Historian

Mayflower Tour Guides


















© One Small Candle Plymouth 
Call/Text 07307 607395

Facebook: www.facebook.com/davidcantswim


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One Small Candle Plymouth

Photography by Georgia Hare